Manufacturing Engineer (Casting Simulation)

The Manufacturing /Casting Simulation Engineer will be primarily responsible for completing casting simulation to develop gating and feeding of various castings and verify casting integrity while driving yield improvements in the foundry. Responsibilities: Performs pre and post analysis of solid models in casting simulation environment. Develops gating and riser and/or chills required to produce superior quality castings. Works closely with metallurgist and tooling engineering to provide technical problem solving for the foundry. Performs CAD modeling and provides the rigging geometry for tooling engineering. Responsible for quality conscious design including cost, weight, reliability and ease of manufacturing. Ability to reverse engineer existing tooling with 3D scanning equipment and recommend rigging changes to improve casting performance of existing tooling designs Prioritize and work on pattern design / verification for Si based alloy. Optimize part design to minimize cost of production. Coordinate with internal and external pattern shops on any new or altered patters required to cast the new Si alloy. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science. 3-10 years' experience in foundry simulation software such as MagmaSoft and/or NOVACAST. Experience with solid modeling, scanning software and FEA analysis a plus. 3D CAD experience using Creo or Solidworks. Experience creating custom material data sets for use in simulation. Professional training for gating design through AFS or similar agency. Experience with 3D scanning equipment/software and FEA analysis. Required Experience: 2-10 years experience in relevant field 2-10 years experience in a manufacturing environment.
Salary Range: $90K - $100K
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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